Sovereignty and New Forms of Power

The problems to which the theory of sovereignty were addressed were in effect confined to the general mechanisms of power, to the way in which its forms of existence at the higher level of society influenced its exercise at the lowest levels.. In effect, the mode in which power was exercised could be defined in its essentials in terms of the relationship sovereign-subject. But ..we have the .. emergence or rather the invention of a new mechanism of power possessed of a highly specific procedural techniques.. which is also, I believe, absolutely incompatible with the relations of sovereignty…It is a type of power which is constantly exercised by means of surveillance rather than in a discontinuous manner by means of a system of levies or obligations distributed over time….It presupposes a tightly knit grid of material coercions rather than the physical existence of a sovereign… This non-sovereign power, which lies outside the form of sovereignty, is disciplinary power…” Foucault


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